Dental Crown is a dental clinic with over 15 years of tradition in dentistry rooted in Israel and which continues its development by opening its doors in Romania (Bucharest and Vaslui).

The great personality of the founder of the clinic, Dr. Jaser Darawsha, dento-alveolar surgery specialist, has implemented strong values into his entire team so each patient is treated with utmost dedication, professionalism and accountability.

Dental Crown brings a different concept in what concerns the way in which it approaches and handles clients as well as the way in which it establishes a relationship with those who pass its threshold counting both on the superior quality of the performed maneuvers and the creation of sustainable harmonious relationships.

Bringing together a wide range of dental services provided by the competence of its specialists and the quality of the used materials, patients have the opportunity to be treated in a comfortable and soothing environment taking advantage of the best hygienic and sterilization conditions.

The team at Dental Crown takes care of your health and comfort making sure that you have beautiful and healthy teeth at reasonable prices.

You are welcomed!


Jaser Darawsha

Alina Gogu

Denisa Ghetu

Simona Nicolae

Claudia Popescu

Berivan Hay Abdo

Yazan Al Aqrabawe

Cristian Toma

Valentin Craciun

Catelina Pricop