What is Dental Zen?

Smile, you came to the right place.

Dental Zen Estetic is a dental clinic located in Sector 4 of Bucharest, on 2G Gheorghe Ionescu Street. We offer you a full range of dental services to the highest standards, consisting in investigation, diagnosis, treatments and prosthetic work, dental implants, dental aesthetics, facial aesthetics and other dental procedures.
Besides the latest equipment available in our clinic, the most important component remains the human factor. This is the secret of our success and is the reason why more and more patients are coming to our clinic.

Therefore, we proposed to bring the smile in your life by dental services at European standards and through flexible payments. Dental Zen Estetics Dental Practice in the Apararii Patriei area, sector 4, offers you all conditions in order to treat your dental problems. The medical team has the passion, vision and desire to self-overcome, which are a constant challenge to provide lasting treatments, at affordable prices.
At Dental Zen we welcome you in a calm and serene environment, ready to listen to you and to solve any medical issue related to prosthetics, implantology, pedodontics, endodontics, orthodontics, oral surgery, dental and facial aesthetics. We strongly believe that it is easier to prevent than to repair, therefore we recommend regular visits for control and professional oral hygiene.

We expect you at Dental Zen, one of the most modern and well equipped dental practices, where the doctor-patient relationship is based on respect and communication!

You are about to discover a new definition of what a dental practice means.

We offer additional comfort to your experience at the dentist.

We know how much you hate the rigidity and discomfort you usually experience when you’re waiting in an unending queue, so we offer you an alternative. At Dental Zen Estetic we aim to meet your needs, bringing additional comfort to the dentist’s experience. You will be welcomed in a warm, relaxed environment and you will feel like between friends. And if you also bring a beautiful story with you, it will be even better.

We strongly believe that it is better to prevent than to treat, and now will be really agreeable to do that! It’s time for us to show our perfect smiles. So let’s make an appointment and let’s meet for a cup of tea!


Our mission is to make a positive difference in the life of our patients, offering them services of the highest quality, in a comfortable, relaxed and friendly environment. At Dental Zen we treat patients as we want us to be treated. Together we make smiling easier than ever!


We want to be known as the best dental practice in Sector 4. Our vision consists in the orientation toward patient and quality. We are constantly aiming at improving quality of the services offered and meeting the needs of patients.



Dental Prosthetics

Dental prosthetics is a specialized area of dentistry, which concerns the reconstruction of a person’s dentition, both in appearance and in function.

We use the finest quality materials, we have a close collaboration with dental technicians and we pay particular attention to the patient’s wishes in order to obtain prosthetic works that excel through aesthetics and functionality.

Dental Zen Estetic practitioners perform the entire range of fixed and mobile prosthetic works:

– Complete ceramic and metal-ceramic prosthetic works (crowns, dental bridges)
– Ceramic prosthetic works on zirconium support
– Prosthetic works of precious, semi-precious materials
– Ceramic or composite veneers
– Incrustations from precious materials or ceramics
– Classic skeletal prostheses or with special systems
– Prostheses and bridges on implants
– Mobilizable prostheses
– Occlusal Balancing Treatment

Dental Implant

Physical appearance and social activities are an important part of our life style, so that losing teeth can be a serious personal problem. Due to developments in the field of dentistry, we have the opportunity to improve your physical appearance, as well as your beautiful smile and food choices.

Dental implant is one of the great discovery of dental medicine, bringing revolutionary solutions and hope for patients with missing teeth.

The dental implant is a high purity titanium device, that replaces the natural tooth root, which was lost. Inserted in the place of the former roots, dental implants are the basis for the new teeth, which will have a functional purpose and an aesthetics similar to natural teeth.

Advantages of the dental implant:

– prevents tooth migration and gum retraction
– improved oral health, because dental implants do not require the other healthy teeth to be sacrificed by sanding
– ease of mastication, similar to that of the natural teeth
– is biocompatibile with the organism due to the alloy used
– returns the natural look of your smile
– improved facial appearance
– slows bone atrophy
– is a long-term durable solution
– correct pronunciation and improved speech


Dr. Claudiu Roman

General Dentistry & Implantology

Dr.Movradin Vitali

Specialist - Oro-Maxilo-Facial Surgery

Dr. Anca Hazaparu

General Dentistry

Dr. Raluca Cosmoiu

Specialist Ortodentistry

Dr. Dana Purcarea

Specialist Endodentistry