Our clinic is focused on providing the best treatment for our patient in a friendly enviroment. We listed carefully to your needs and find the best solution for you. A healthy and beautiful smile is our focus.

We provide services of :

– Odontology

– Dental Prosthetic

– Periodontology 

– Implant surgery

– Dental Estetics

– Implantology

Modern prosthetics is today unimaginable without implantology representing the ideal solution in specific cases, and the preservation of teeth is an absolute imperative in modern stomatology.

Implants are kinds of modern substitutes replacing your natural teeth completely; they even appear like natural teeth. Implants are meant for persons that have missing teeth and want to feel like having still their own ones.

Implants are implanted when following is needed:

 – implantation of a single tooth
 – implantation of a group of teeth
 – implantation in toothless jaws

Every implant contains a metal rod that is placed in the jawbone instead of the tooth root, with a tooth being clipped onto (after the bone fuses with the metal rod). Depending on the situation, the number and location of the remaining teeth, implants can be implanted during the fabrication of fixed prosthetics and support dental bridges, or can be used as a support for total dentures (when there is a problem with the dentures falling out of the mouth, difficult intake of food or harder speech).

After the complete treatment and all implant operations, the function and aesthetics of the missing teeth are fully recovered.

Visitors to STELIDENTAL in BRAILA /ROMANIA will receive high quality, affordable dental treatment in a warm and friendly environment.

The dentists at STELIDENTAL are internationally trained to the very latest standards so you can be assured that you will receive the most up to date dental treatments available today.

They combine their technical and artistic talents with the latest dental technology to give you the beautiful, natural smile you’ve always wanted.Our patients are always delighted about the appearance of their new teeth and of course about the recovered functions, and for us doctors, those smiles confirm a successful therapy.


Prosthodontics, also known as dental prosthetics is an area of dentistry that deals with missing or deficient teeth. We improve the function and the aesthetic appearance of your teeth, as well as your quality of life. By saying that we don’t mean just your beauty but also your health.

We divide Prosthetics on:

– fixed prosthetics (crowns, bridges)
– mobile prosthetics (complete or total prosthetics, partial denture, implant prosthetics)

We work with

 – ceramic crowns fused on meta
 – ceramic crown fused on titan
 – ceramic crown fused on zirconium

We guarantee

– top quality stomatology
– experienced specialists
– a long term guaranty
– highest standards of sterility

In Polyclynic we use

– most modern technology
– materials of the highest quality of the most renown world brands

You can expect

– individual approach
– care about each patient
– painless treatments based on sedation and anesthetics

We guarantee

– top quality stomatology
– experienced specialists


Dr. Sandra Oltean

General Dentist

Dr. Irina Stefan

Medical Assistant