Why Q-Dent?

Q-DENT is a team of dental professionals with practices based in Bucharest who is the capital
and largest city in Romania. We offer a full range of cosmetic dentistry and general dental treatments and
provide oral hygiene advice to enable our patients to maintain a beautiful smile. Our experience and
caring approach allow us to educate and empower patients in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. The dental
team spends time with patients, giving them accurate and reliable information about their oral health
needs and how best to manage these. Our aim is simple, we want to offer all patients access to reliable,
high quality and affordable oral health care.

We know that attending the dentist may not always be a welcomed experience and this is why we
set out to try and make the experience as pleasant and accommodating as possible. This is why Q-DENT
team of dentists aim to provide pain-free dental treatment in a relaxing environment.