1) Contact Us

  • Feel free to request a Callback or a Quote.
  • We will reply to you within 24 hours.

2) Receive a Quote

  • If Supervisor Case finds a suitable treatment for you, he will indicate the best possible option.
  • Your quote will contain an individual treatment plan, the scheduling for the first appointment, and detailed pricing information.
  • Because of exclusive contracts with clinics, our prices are the same or lower than what you would get by contacting the clinic directly. There is no extra charge for our additional services (transport, personal assistant, etc.).

3) Pay a Deposit

  • In order to book a date, you will be asked to pay a deposit specified by a Supervisor Case in the previous step.
  • You can complete the payment transfer online with a credit card or by bank transfer to our account.

4) Book Your Flight

  • We request checking flight availability before scheduling a date with the clinic.
  • After booking your flight, we will kindly ask you to provide us with the flight details, so we can help you to find the best possible accommodation for your needs.

5) Arrive in Romania

  • You will be welcomed by a Romanian Dental travel representative at the airport, who will be your personal assistant during your stay and transfer to your hotel.

6) Meet the Doctor

  • On the day or the day after your arrival we will accompany you to the clinic where you will be introduced to your doctor.
  • You will receive a personal consultation and all necessary tests will be done.

7) Undergo Treatment

  • The treatment will be performed directly after your consultation or the following day.
  • More elaborate operations require an overnight stay, otherwise you will be transferred to the hotel. If needed, your assistant will at your service 24 hours a day.

8) Post-operative Check Up

  • After staying in Romania for a few days (length of stay will depend on the type of operation) you will be provided with the documentation for the postoperative check up for the doctor in your native country.
  • We will then comfortably take you back to the airport for your departure.

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