Romania is a country with a great tourism potential, whose beauty, values and traditions have fascinated countless personalities such as Prince Charles, and today has grown to be among the first recommendations of the renowned travel guide Lonely Planet. But not only still alive traditions and beauty of our landscapes around the world fascinated. Romania has imposed everywhere and the quality, professionalism and his medical training.

The country brand is not an abstraction, a false image, disconnected from reality, that you strive to impose. The country brand of meeting national values is made up of personalities from different fields, traditions, nature, culture, brands of products and services that have managed to establish itself and beyond.

The fact that Romania is today appreciated worldwide for its exceptional physicians direction is not neglected when talking about country brand.

The value of the Romanian school of medicine, frequented by countless foreign students, and physicians prestigious and Ana Aslan, which came to treat state presidents, members of royal families and international celebrities, imposed Romania landscape medicine world.

Today, increasingly more foreigners come to consider the Romanian medical clinics, especially in the dental,beauty and oftalmo possessing an endowment at the highest level and exceptional medical staff. And when you offer medical intelligently combines tourism with the full success it is. Medical tourism is an excellent idea that deserves our full attention and responsibility.

Romania has a major advantage over other countries in the region, compared to other European Community countries, because we can provide medical services to some of the latest generation costs much lower than those in the European Community. This creates a competitive advantage, which is basically a resource of the country. Currently, Romania creates some highly trained young doctors who are appreciated abroad.

The potential that it represents foreign tourists who come to be treated in Romania, especially in dental clinics from us for the opening of new clinics in partnership with tourism providers, tourists giving them the opportunity to be so and make treatments more comfortable and, in addition, to benefit from a tourist offer. The concept of health tourism and catch as outlined in Romania space.

In these conditions was born Medical Concierge Travel(MCT), Romania sole facilitator of the top medical clinics and health services of foreigners and premium customers in Romania.

Our experience in diverse related fields, it imposes on the international market as a professional and responsible player.


We are a multidisciplinary team and we are proud that we have the necessary experience in premium consulting services customer service staff and management consultant travel situation.

Why foreign tourists choose to fix their teeth in Romania? Besides the price difference there any difference?

Our clients have benefited from medical services in Romania found some major differences.

The first difference is the difference in quality to that currently, Romania, the equipment of dental clinics, is worldwide, simply because the facilities were first clinics in recent years. We can compare the speed of the Internet: Today, Romania is among the top 3 in the world in Internet speed. The same principle was applied in dentistry, because I have benefited from the latest generation of technology at a price much lower than it was ten to fifteen years since the last refurbishment in Europe. And then there is this difference in quality. Precisely for this difference in quality result and a time difference. Taking the necessary technology, we can treat patients from abroad in a much faster and more efficiently than could be treated in her country.

For them it is very important … and I think that every patient wants to dental problems and solve them in a short time.
Another major difference is the cost side. In Romania, currently, these highly qualified services are much cheaper than abroad. Differences in cost go somewhere to twice lower, and some services even three times smaller … And, again, if we refer to the same level of quality.

The conclusion is simple, MTC can provide the ideal solution to enjoy a vacation inspired, memorable and safe medical treatment combined with a premium .More team of personal assistants from MTC oversees every aspect of your visit to Romania.

If you add to these benefits and a price of 2 times less than in other countries, then your satisfaction is guaranteed.