Romania is a country with huge tourism potential, with beautiful places, whose values and present traditions fascinated countless personalities such as Prince Charles, and today has grown to be among the first recommandations of the renowned travel guide, Lonely Planet. But not only still preserved traditions and beauty of Romanian landscapes have fascinated the entire world, but also the famous Romanian hospitality.


The value of the Romanian school of medicine and doctors as prestigious as Ana Aslan, who has treated presidents of state, royal families and international celebrities, imposed worldwide medical fame for Romania.
Today, more and more foreigners take into account medical clinics in Romania, especially dentistry, exceptional medical personnel. And when we find premium medical services smartly combined with a unique holiday, than you can be sure that success is guaranteed.


Romania has a major advantage over other countries in the region because it has clinics equipped with the latest medical technology and affordable prices. This creates a competitive advantage over other countries of the European Community. Romania currently produces highly qualified young doctors who are appreciated worldwide.
The potential represented by foreign tourists who come to be treated in Romania, especially in our dental clinics involve opening new clinics in partnership with medical tourism facilitators. The concept of health tourism in Romania takes shape very fast and is a priority for all those involved in this project.
Thus it was launched Romanian Dental Travel, facilitator for top Romanian dental clinics in medical tourism. We are the liaison between clinics and foreign clients that want premium medical services and a unique holiday in Romania. Our diverse experience in related fields, puts us on the international market as a professional and responsible player. We are a complete professional team and we are proud to have the necessary experience in premium concierge services.